Classroom Activities for Middle School Students on Cyber Bullying and Sexting...



Activities for Middle School Students on Cyber Bullying and Sexting

Writing Prompt on Cyberbullying

While scanning your Facebook page, you see embarrassing comments about a boy in your class -- someone who is not really a friend of yours but someone you say ďhiĒ to. You know that the boy is really upset and has missed school several days after the comments were posted. You recognize that this might be cyber bullying.

1. If you and your friends know this is happening and do nothing about it, what message does this send to the bully?

2. What are some things you can do or say?

3. If you choose to stand up for your classmate, how have you impacted your school climate regarding cyber bullying?

4. In standing up for your classmate, what message is communicated to your classmate?

To the bully?

How it Feels to be a Bystander and What to Do - Activity

Read the following scenario and picture yourself as part of this group

Eating pizza around the computer on Saturday with her friends, Jan sees that Chris, an unpopular kid in their class, just logged on to Instant Messenger. Someone suggests they tease Chris, who is always trying to join their friend group. Your friends all join in and provide suggestions and start pressuring Jan. You are beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable.

At the request of the group, Jan starts asking personal questions of Chris like who he likes best -- Drew or Jamie? Chris shares a lot of personal information thinking itís a good way to be a part of the group. Your friends have fun stringing Chris along and decide to create an anonymous blog. There they post the IM transcript and share the blog URL with lots of kids at school Ė including Drew and Jamie. By Monday, they know half the school will have read it and Chris will be a total joke.

Assignment: What would you do if you were a part of this group of friends? Write 1-2 paragraphs explaining how this situation would make you feel, how you think you would respond or participate and why.

Extra Credit Assignment: Pick one scenario below to answer. Write 1-2 paragraphs explaining your thoughts.

1. How will Chris feel? What could Chris do?

2. If you were one of the kids who got the URL, how would you feel knowing that you were never supposed to have seen this? What would you do when you saw Chris? Would you post a response to the blog?

3. It doesnít matter that this situation didnít happen at school. Itís now all over school and everyone is reacting. What should the school do about it?

4. What would you do if you saw Chris very upset at school?

5. Do you think Jan and the group of friends feel sorry? Or do they like watching Chrisí humiliation and start looking for new targets?

6. If youíre targeted next what are you going to do? Are you as comfortable sharing information now or trusting others to be respectful of you?

Writing Prompt on Sexting

A 15-year-old girl sends an inappropriate picture to her boyfriend. He then sends it to all of his friends.

1. Who can be charged with a crime in this case?

Answer: Everyone can be charged.

In Ohio, it is illegal to create, reproduce or publish obscene material that has a minor as one of its participants. That means that sexting can be considered creating child pornography, and the person taking the picture and the people who send it risk probation or jail time. If convicted, the person may have to register as a sexual offender in Ohio for up to 20 years.

2. Is anything you ever post in words (text, IM, email) or in pictures ever really private?

If yes, why? If no, Why?

Answer: Nothing you post on a social networking site, or You Tube is ever really private. Once you post, it belongs to everybody.

3. What other consequences can occur besides being charged with a crime?

Answer: You can be harassed, intimidated or bullied both others. Your reputation can be damaged, you may miss school, become depressed, your grades may suffer, you may lose friends.

4. What advice would you give the girl? What advice would you give the boy?