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Street Smarts

-   When possible always walk to school with a friend or a groups of other children.
-   Have your mom or dad walk with you the first few days to school and pick out the safest route.
-   Use crosswalks and obey the traffic lights when you are crossing the street.
-   Do not take short cuts to school unless you talk it over with your mom or dad first.
-   Watch around you while walking to school.
-   If you think you are being followed go to a safe place (an open business, a friend's home, a relative's home, a police or fire station, etc.)
-   If something does happen yell as loud as you can "STOP IT! LEAVE ME ALONE!".
-   If you have to start kicking, biting, hitting the person hurting you.
-   As soon as you can, run away and keep yelling and making as much noise as you can.  Run as fast as you can!!
-   Never get close to a car with a stranger in it. Or talk to strangers on the street.
-   Don't take any candy or gifts from anyone.
-   Never tell a stranger your name or address unless you need help from them. Have them call your mom or dad, a relative, the police, or fireman.
-   Stay out where other people can see you when you need help.
-   Again, do not accept anything from a stranger.
-   Do not wear clothing with your name on it.
-   At night stay in well-lighted areas as much as possible.
-  If you are alone walk in the middle of the sidewalk.
-   If someone in a cars stops and ask you a question don't EVER get close to the car. Say "I don't know." and keep walking away from the car.
-   If you feel something is wrong trust your instincts. Go to the nearest safe place and tell a worker that you are scared and have them call your parents or the police.
-   Never hitchhike!   If for any reason you are stranded please contact the Hubbard Township Police Department. We will either take you home ourselves or make other arrangements to get you home safely! There are bad people out there that ride around and look for kids. When you hitchhike you are asking for TROUBLE. You are inviting a bad person to stop and possibly cause harm to you. Please contact the Hubbard Township Police Department and we will see that you get home. Play it safe and never accept a ride from a stranger.

School Smarts

-   Do not wear or take expensive jewelry or clothing to school.
-   Do not take more money than you need to school.
-   Do not put your money in your book bag. Put it in a pocket.
-   Do not stay alone in hallways between classes.
-   If you see a stranger around your school tell the teacher or your parents.
-   Play Smarts - Ride your bicycle in groups.
-   Do not ride in deserted areas.
-   At night,  ride only when your mom or dad is with you.
-   Do not leave your bicycle unlocked while you go into a store or home.
-   Do not play alone on playgrounds. Leave when the other children do.
-  Do not play close to restrooms. If you have to go to the restroom be sure to have someone go with you.
-   If your parents or baby-sitter is with you, tell them before you go.

When You Get Home

-   If you have to unlock an outside door when you get home always have the key ready before you get to the door.
-   If you see a stranger near your door or following you, and your mom or dad is not home, DO NOT GO TO YOUR HOME OR APARTMENT. Go to a relative or friends home, or to a neighbor's home.
-   Always lock the door behind you.
-   Do not open a door for a any stranger.
-   Call the police ( 911 ) if a stranger tries to talk you into opening the door.
-   If you are home alone keep the radio or television on.
-   Never tell anyone you are home alone.

Bicycle Smarts

-   If you have to ride in the road ride on the right side as close to the curb as possible.
-   Obey all traffic signs. Look both ways before you pullout onto the street.
-   Use hand signals when you are stopping or making a turn.
-   Always let people walking go first.
-   Before you ride your bike check your brakes, tire pressure, and make sure your handlebars are not loose.
-   If you have to ride at night always wear something reflective.
-   If you ride at night have a front light and reflectors on the back of the bike.

Phone Smarts

-   If someone calls you and says bad things over the phone hang up. Do not talk to them.
-   If your parents are not home and someone calls and you do not know who they are never tell them you are alone.
-   If your parents are not home and someone calls and you do not know who they are do not tell them your phone number or where you live.
-   Always let you parents talk to salesmen or repairmen over the phone. Do not give them any information.
-   Always tell your parents when someone calls. If someone scares you on the phone and your parents are not home call 911. 


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