Counterfeit Money...

Watch out for Counterfeit Bills

Here are a few quick tips concerning counterfeit bills:

o  Train your employees on how to spot a fake bill. There are good tips on the secret service website that include looking for the watermark by holding the bill up to the light. There is a denomination line (on one or the other side) of legitimate bills. The line can be seen on $5 bills and up.

o   Keep counterfeit detection pens and/or UV light detection devices at all points of sale. You can get these at most Office Supply businesses.

o  Be especially wary of new bills and larger bills provided for a relatively small purchase.

o  If you detect a fake bill, do not try to apprehend the suspect. Refuse the bill and notify Police as soon as possible.

o   Do not pass on a known fake bill you have received to another person or business.

o  Beware of bills that are genuine bills, but have corners from higher denomination bills pasted on them. These do not get detected by the counterfeit detector because the bill has characteristics of a real bill.

o  Be aware that some counterfeiters tend to hit one area very hard for a week or so, then they move on.

o  Keep in contact with Police and businesses near your store to let them know about unusual activity such as counterfeiting.

o   Post a sign prominently in your place of business warning criminals that you employ counterfeit detection devices.

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