Scam Safety...


Scam Safety

The Hubbard Township Police Department wants to make sure you are prepared this holiday season with all of the information you need to stay safe from telephone and other sorts of scams.  Con-artists can be very tricky, and will often times pose as representatives from charitable organizations, but there are some things you can do to keep from falling into their trap.

     Do not give out account information over the phone.

    If you want to give a contribution to their organization, that is up to you.  Most charities have a website.  Ask for the web address and visit it before you make any decisions.  No matter what, do not make your contribution over the phone. 

    Do not send checks to mailing addresses given to you over the phone.  Be wary of anyone who wants to you mail out a check.  If you want to mail a contribution, use a money order.   At least that way, your account cannot be accessed further beyond your donation.

    Investment schemes are another way you could get into trouble.  You will often times be told about a high yield opportunity with very minimal investment on your part.  The rule of thumb is that anything presented to you over the phone is not likely legitimate.  Again, be on your guard.

During the holidays, children and teenagers will often come to your door selling fundraisers for their schools and other organizations.  It's sad but true - you must be wary of even these fundraisers, as it is sometimes the case that your money will go no further than the child's (or their parents') pockets.  Limit your purchases of these sorts to children you know. 

Be careful this holiday season, but have fun!  It's a time for giving and sharing...just don't share too much without your consent.